Scarlet Macaw red face

by Katie Walton
(West Midlands)

Hi, Im slightly worried about our Scarlet Macaw as I know that parrots can hide illnesses easily. More recently I have noticed her face which is known to be white, has started to look reddish and sometimes looks worse than other times. She is growing hairs on her face and im not sure if this may be the reasoning for why its red due to them coming through or whether she has an infection coming.

We did have to take her to the vets a couple of weeks ago and they gave her an anesphetic for an accident she had with her beak and was told if she was catching anything it would fight it off.
Is this common for hairs to grow through and for them to become reddish as I cant really find the answers anywhere.

Hopw you can help, thank you for your time

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Sep 19, 2008
Scarlet Macaw with red face
by: The Vet

Scarlet macaws have a bare face patch as you know. So it is easy to see changes in their skin. These changes can be brought on because of increased blood flow to the face, such as blushing, or increased heart rate, etc. however, there are occasions that macaws develop a rash like reaction to allergens such as cockatoo dust, African grey dust, and other stuff.

It is also possible that food allergies will do this such as peanuts, etc. even the aflatoxins on peanut shells will cause this. My opinion is that you should have a complete work up done on your bird, including x-rays, blood work and possibly cultures of the choana or upper respiratory tract.

Dr B

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