Scratching and Stretching of wings

by Kim Tia
(Bulacan, Philippines)

It's already very sad that one of my peach faced lovebird died and I'm worried for the one left. I'm wondering if the one that died has some ailment that can affect the one alive. It scratches a lot and stretches out it wings sometimes. I'm worried that they have pests too.

Their wooden cage has parts that are chewed. And we can't get rid of the ants in their cage and i'm worried if the ants can kill a bird if they get the chance to bite them. We're not very sure about anything right now because we don't know much about birds. Please help me.. How could I take care of the one left alive? It also seems confused which may be because of the sudden death of it's partner. Thank you and God bless!

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Jul 05, 2009
by: Linda

Yes, the ants can kill and eat all kinds of animals. It would be great if you could find an Avian vet in your area, because the other bird may have died of a contageous infection which the other bird will also have. It could have also died from ant bites as ants use an acid to either kill their prey and to dissolve already dead prey.

The diatomaceous earth Tracie spoke of is finely ground oyster and other type of shell life found in the sea. I would suggest it not be put into the cage because it is so finely ground that even bird flapping wings can stir it up, and it is not safe to breathe. When spreading this product, wear a disposable mask or a bandana tied around your nose. If you could get a metal cage for your bird and hang it, that may take care of the ants inside his cage. For the ones coming into house, you can spread the diatomacious earth product all around outside edges of house. We have to use baby powder around ours as our house is built on top of a huge ant bed. The diatomaious earth would work better, and I thank Tracie for the suggestion!

So, your bird needs to see a qualified Avian vet soon as is possible. If you can, get another cage made of powder coated metal as wood also harbors mites which are so small as to be very hard to see on bird. See if you can find the diatomacious earth(finely ground shells) and spread that around the outside of your house and anywhere out there you may need it. Avoid breathing this product, and if possible keep it away from your bird and inside of house. You also need to get some reading material about bird care, and your Lovebird specifically. We all had to study and learn about birds when we first started. There is a lot of information on the internet as well. A good book or books that you can easily refer to are always good to have.


Jul 04, 2009
Ants in cage and bird death
by: Tracie

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your bird dying. :-(

You really need to take the other bird to an avian vet, if at all possible. It could have a sickness or disease that can be cured if a vet could help it.

As far as controlling the ants, if you have a product called diatomaceous earth that you can purchase in your country, then that will help to control the ants. This product is made up of finely crushed shells, and will not harm your bird or you as long as you do not breath it into your lungs or get it in your eyes.

If you put this around inside the outside walls and in the bottom of the cage, the ants will die.

I sure hope you can find a vet that will help you.

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