Scratching too much!

by Mikko
(Manila, Philippines)

Hi! This is Mike & I own a blue-naped parrot. She's 4 months old and she's really beatiful. Lately, she's scratching the area between her eye and beak. some of the feathers are now gone but very minimal. She took a bath and somehow lessened the scratching. We can't find any avian vet here in our area. I even tried to search online but didnt find any avian vet in the country. maybe there is but can't see any website regarding their location. what should we do. thank you in advance.

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Sep 05, 2008
Bird scratching
by: The Vet

This could be an indication of a sinus infection, or a nasal cavity infection. It could also indicate a foreign body in her nare(s). Feather loss is never normal if there are bare spots. Your only option is to find a veterinarian that treats birds and get a diagnosis and recommended treatment. Search these two sites for vets in your area:

Dr B

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