by Leonie Newton
(Apia, Samoa)

Hen budgie, about 4-5 years old, continually scratching, now missing feathers, treated with out of date "Bird Mite & Lice Spray" containing 0.5g/L pryethrins, 5g/L piperonyl butoxide, 3 days ago. No avian vet or pet shop available on island. Can you give home remedy to try. Condition of bird deteriorating.
Caged with 10 other birds in spacious clean aviary. This hen is paired and she spends a lot of time in nest box. Disinfected nest box 3 days ago also and have now separated her from all other birds. She can't fly very well or far. She's had quite a few downs but has always recovered. Thank you

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Sep 19, 2009
Bird with possible mites
by: The Vet

Lice and mite sprays can do more harm than good. If there are open lesion on your bird the spray will irritate and cause infection. Mites should be treated with an oral prescription medication called Ivermectin. The cage should also be broken down and cleaned thoroughly to rid it of mites, especially the perches and other places the mites can hide.

If this problem is not caused by mites it could be several other possible causes, but there are no home remedies that I can suggest. Separate the bird, give her a heated cage, and make sure she eats and drinks. Take her to a veterinarian, even if it is not an avian vet.

Dr B

Sep 18, 2009
by: Linda

She does not sound in very good shape, and may have contracted a bacterial infection which all the othr birds will also have if she has been eating and drinking out of same dishes. You cannot treat her yourself, and use NO MORE of the mite spray as you may be doing more harm than good.Keep her separated from the flock for as long as it takes to either get her well or for her to die. Your others may already be infected with what she has, and I hope not!

A healthy diet builds healthy birds, so if they are eating all seeds, start changing them over to Harrison's pellets which are organic and very high quality(you will need the very small size). They can have some dark green lettuce, dark orange cooked or raw carrots or baked sweet potato if they like that. They can also have raw yellow squash. Feed them NO SPINICH as this causes problems with calcium absorption. Veggies need to be organically grown if you can find them in your area. This means no man-made pesticides or fertilizers which both become part of the plant, and are eaten by us and our pets.

I'm sorry to say that your bird may not recover this time though I hope she does.

Get her and the others started on a healthy diet of pellets. It takes time for the change over from seeds, so put a thin layer of seed mix in bottom of feed dishes and the pellets on top. It can take a month for a complete changeover then stop feeding the seed mix and just use the pellets and the above mentioned veggies if they will eat them. Harrisons also makes a Birdy Bread Mix that is very tasty and healthful and will help in the changeover as well(get the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor for the mix). Tracie carries all these products on-site.

Sorry you do not have an Avian Vet close to you as sometimes birds just have to go to one for proper diagnosis and treatment. We wish you the very best with your birds.


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