screaming bird

by lindsey kincaid
(san antonio, tx, u.s.)

Almost a year ago i bought a male cockatiel from a lady who was supposed to be a breeder. But when i got to her house she ran out to the street where i was standing with the bird. He was in a VERY small cage that was about 6 by 4 inches and it was filthy. He couldnt even stand up in the cage.
Her front yard was filthy. There was junk flowing out from her garage door onto the drive way and all over the front lawn. She also had a few small dogs that were constantly yapping. And she would not let me inside her house.
After i bought him and put him in a big cage i just bought him and put him in my car, he almost immediately started screaming.
Ever since he has been screaming constantly. And he wont let me get near him at all. When i try to he hisses and flops away from me.
I just want this cockatiel to love me and want to get near me and STOP screaming.

thank you,
Lindsey Kincaid

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Sep 13, 2011
screaming bird
by: Linda

I'm sorry but your bird came from the worst kind of breeder who are called Bird Mill breeders just like the ones who abuse and neglect dogs and cats.

She needs to be turned into an animal cruelty agency in your area because she is producing sick, unhealthy birds. The reason she did not want you in her house is because it is filthy, her birds are all in tiny cages and probably sick and starved.

When you turn in people like this, you are doing a great service to all birds everywhere. It IS all of our business when we see animal, bird, child abuse and neglect. We have to stand up and do the right thing to stop the suffering. Your name will not be mentioned, so don't worry about it.

Your bird needs to be examined by an Avian Vet immediately as it is sick, starved and just about crazy with the filth and neglect this person made him live with.

Once he is pronounced either healthy or has been diagnosed and treated, then you can find some training material on this site to help with training. The screaming is a direct result of abuse and neglect, so hopefully once he is treated for what's wrong with him, he'll start to settle down. He could be in pain, so do not delay taking to an Avian Vet only.

Also, do not delay reporting this person to an animal group in your area who run the no kill shelters. They will go out to her house, try and gain entry and maybe take a few pictures from outside if she won't let them in. Help put this person out of business, and feel good that you have done something that will help these birds. Some will have to be put down because they will be very sick and dying. Some will be able to be helped and find decent homes. Don't let anything stand in your way of taking a stand for these birds because you will be their only voice. Take pride in being a person who does the right thing.

Thank you so much for writing and let us know how your bird does and how this woman is put out of the business of cruelty and torture.

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Sep 13, 2011
screaming cockatiel
by: Anonymous

If this poor bird came from these conditions, I would report this to your aspca for one thing. I would also get this bird to an avian vet for a complete health check up, coming from such filthy conditions, your tiel may be sick.

Also, it could be confused and scared. First of all take it to a an avian vet, then just have patience with it. give it time to settle into it's new home, don't push it to come to you and never chase it around it's cage. Talk to it in a calm voice, offer treats and even if you sit by it's cage and read to it or talk to it calmly, put the radio on soft music,,or the tv. Give it time to adjust to it's new surroundings.

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