Screaming conures

by Monica

I have two conures and for some reason lately they've been waking up early and screaming. I know that conures are one of the more vocal birds. It's just weird how they all of a sudden started doing this. I got my first one in Oct. 2011 and my second about a month ago. They instantly became mates and now they want nothing to do with us. They just scream and poop all of the time. What should I do?

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Dec 29, 2012
From a Conure owner
by: Anonymous

Oh dear, I feel for ya, I have only one Sun Conure and just recently we got an Indian RIngneck, they are not together nor do we plan on putting them together. Both are quiet and decided to be talkers. We trained both of them not to start their morning noise and acitivities until we uncover the cages. Sure enough our well behaved parrots will stay quiet until lights are turned on and curtains and covers are all off! Putting the two CONURES can go in many directions, from them not getting along to them deciding that humans are not needed unless they want something, or a screaming fest. It all depends on the birds, some conures stay quiet or just keep the screaming schedule to a minimal and will still interact with humans. Nothing that we can say or do will change much, only you can try certain things. I personally would have kept them separate and have the new one trained and get attached to you while keeping your other conure active with you and introduce them without letting them decide how things will be so soon! This is rough! Separate them if you could, cover cages and get a whole new routine going and stick to it until you get things the way you want them. They have to learn who is BOSS, give them attention and treats when they are quiet and walk away when they are noisy. It will teach them that quiet brings love, treats, food, cuddle time, noise brings nothing and alot of ignoring. Try whatever you must, but keep the routine or they will never GET IT!

Dec 29, 2012
Conures screaming
by: Tracie

Oh my! Yes, putting two conures together was not the best idea, especially if you don't like double noise and want your bird to like you most.

You either need to learn to accept their natural noise or find a home for them where their natural noise will be acceptable, sorry.

If you choose to separate them and try to train them, you may wish to read the articles on our Parrot Training page for help.

As for the early morning scream fest, either they are greeting the morning like many birds do or are trying to get you up to feed them I suspect.

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