Screaming Corella!

by haneyvey

1. My shortbill corella screams everyday at the same time around 4-5 am! We dont know what causes this problem and had a few neighbours complained to us. I am only 13 and have been with "Rosie" (bird) for about a year and a half now. He's never done this before. He gets attention everyday and taken inside to play. When its hot we have the aircon on and take him inside to cool and also have spray baths. We feed him pellets and seeds. He's a happy bird but Everymorning he goes off like an alarm and I have to go outside and take him out of his aviary then carry him inside. This is the only time when he is all quiet and comfortable. If i do not go outside he will continue screaming and screaming until i come and take him. I have to take him in because I dont want to get the neighbours annoyed. Most of them are old people so I wouldnt want them disturbed by rosie. He sleeps inside from 4-5am and I wake up at around 6:30-7:00am to get ready for school. When I go to the bathroom or if he hears me.. Rosie starts screaming and when he sees me he stops. Why is that?

2. Secondly, A lot of his feathers are falling off. I'm not sure if he plucked them or they just fall off , cause i usually just see him preening but not pulling out feathers. Sometimes he has a feather holding it by his foot and preening it. Is he molting or plucking?

3. I buy him toys , but he never plays with them? .

4. He hates everyone except me. He loves to be cuddly and gentle towards me but when other people want to touch him or they are near him.. He pretends to be all cute and sweet but then once their hands is on his head patting him , he attempts to bite and attack them? Then they'd jump up and scream but I tell them not to because It could scare the bird and make him feel threatened.

I just uploaded some Photos of him. Thats not his real cage , his cage is Much bigger than that.

Thats all , Thanks (:

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Dec 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

I think you may have rat's coming to feed early in the morning and they are upsetting your bird ! I had same problem . got rid of the rats all fine now. hope that helps

Dec 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

For a start, to state to you that you're cruel & thoughtless is cruel & thoughtless in itself. Seriously?!?! look at what you said, THAT was nasty & not everyone has the ability to to gain knowledge needed! You are cruel & thoughtless for your reaction to this!

Since you're saying corella I am guessing you're in Australia, housing any parrot or bird IS acceptable in Australia & common to do. It is by no means a horrible thing to do! We all need to remember every country differs in these sort of things & no country has a right to make out like they know everything & others are wrong.

4-5am this time of year is common. He is waking for the day, daylight has arrived, birds are chirping & your corella is acting like a typical bird. You could try covering him over night. This will keep his aviary/cage darker for longer, avoiding screams at ridiculous times of the morning.

He is a corella, all parrots like to make noise & you will need to accept that as well. Corellas are particularly vocal.

One final thing. If you go to retrieve him every single morning he screams, it is teaching him to scream to come inside. A bad habit.... A way around this is to either have him sleep inside covered, or outside covered. In a way, you are rewarding his screams by picking him up & taking him inside every time he screams.

Corellas are a 'velcro bird', they love cuddles, attention & NEED to be with you as much as they can :) GOOGLE little corellas (also called bare eyed cockatoo) & get as much information on their care & needs as you possibly can.

Finally, as for it not working being outside in an aviary ever, well bugger, we all must be killing our parrots in Australia. PLEASE do a little more research before replying the way you did. You have no idea how we live here & how successful we are.

By the way, the being being alone and cold? In Australia?? For a start it's summer & second of all where on earth do you think our corellas come form? NO it does not take 3 years to aclimatise. You need to really get your facts straight & you also need to come & visit us & see for yourself that we are far from cruel & thoughtless for allowing our birds fresh air instead of toxic stale inside air, natural sunshine, & the ability to communicate with wild parrots outside. You reply has really disturbed me...

Dec 04, 2012
Screaming Corella!
by: Linda

My first reaction to your letter is why is he left outside alone? This will not work--not now and not ever. He is lonely, and being put into something outside and left alone is very cruel and thoughtless.

I suggest you get him a nice size cage if you don't already have one and keep him in the house.

A sudden change in behavior also signals a possible illness, so he will need to be examined throughly by an Avian Vet for infections both bacterial and viral. He cannot stay outside during the winter without supplemental heat in his closed in room in aviary. If you don't have a closed in room, then he will die outside.

I do believe he is probably sick, and if he is not now, then he will be shortly. It takes about 3 years to acclimate a parrot to the outside. This means for the first two winters, bird has to be brought inside. On the third year, the aviary has to be wired for electricity and some form of heat has to be supplied, and bird needs an inside room in which to sleep and stay warm.

I really don't understand why you would put a single bird outside in an aviary and then think he'll be okay alone and cold. The being alone will begin to cause him mental illness if it hasn't already. Once mental illness sets in, he will become dangerous to everyone around him including you. There are few birds who fully come back from abuse and neglect. I'm sorry to say, this leaving him alone outside is called both neglect and abuse. You all may have had the best intentions at the beginning, and what is happening now is called abuse, plain and simple.

Bring bird back into the house where he can be with his family. Birds are flock animals and to make him live by himself out there is cruel and will only make him worse as time passes.

Of course, it if gets really cold this year, he will die, and your problem will be solved.

I'm sorry if I seem cold about this, and anyone who knows anything about birds knows they cannot be thrown outside all alone to live. It does not matter if he comes in during the day or not. He needs to feel safe, warm and with family when he settles down for the night. He needs his family as much as he needs good, healthy food and clean water.

If you cannot take better care of him, then begin the search for a new, better home for him. You will also have to be truthful about his behaviors. Before doing anything further, bring him in to stay inside, have him examined by a licensed and trained Avian Vet ONLY and give this bird what he deserves to have which is a caring family. It may still not work out, but at least you can say you did all you could to make his life better. The way it is now is going to kill him one way or the other.


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