Screaming Greenwing

by Carol
(Katy Tx 77450)

I wanted to know if you had any opinion on the SHHHH no scream from Kings Cages and if this would be a good option to calm down a loud bird. Appreciate any other options you might have.

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Jul 25, 2008
Screaming greenwing
by: Anonymous

Apart from all the above which is good especially trying to find out what is making him scream i did try the SSSHHHHHHHHHHHH and it really calmed my bird down and seemed to help so i will be getting it agian. Mine would scream for attention when he could not get it. Hope this helps

Apr 02, 2008
Sreaming greenwing
by: Anonymous

Wait until your bird is done screaming then approach their cage and take them out and play for a bit or give them a treat.this will teach them that screaming will not get your attention but nice behavior will! Good luck!

Apr 01, 2008
Shhh by Kings Cages
by: The Vet

It can't hurt and might help, but I have not seen that the SHHH is as effective for screaming as the Pluck-no-More for feather damaging behaviors. (Both of which are sold on this website.)

You need to first determine the cause of the screaming. Is the bird in a back room of the house where he feels isolated? This will cause screaming. Is this just the normal noises that a macaw makes? Has he seen a veterinarian? Sometimes illness can cause aberrant behaviors. Does he have full spectrum light. Poor lighting can cause behavior problems, too. What is his diet? If he is nutrient deficient, he may feel poorly and misbehave.

A cause for the screaming must first be determined, then a treatment can be initiated.

Dr B

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