Screaming Jenday Conure

by Bethany
(Bowmanville, Canada)

I have a 3 year old Jenday Conure. She will squawk when she hears us getting up in the morning, which, when only one person is getting up, wakes up all of us.
She will squawk when the door opens and closes. And in our house it is always opening and closing!
We have tried covering her, squirting her with water, telling her to be quiet, nothing works!
My mom is so sick of it she would like to get rid of our bird, please help!

Thanks, Bethany

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Apr 25, 2018
by: Anonymous

This bird will not ever stop screaming! I know she wants to be on me 24 hrs a day! I can't take it anymore! I am afraid that if I get rid of her that someone will end up hurting her,that's how bad it is!!!I have tried covering her,putting her in a different room,everything! When I moved in with a friend she totally took to him and would not come to me at all,now she wants to be on me all day and all of a sudden doesn't want him and tries to bite him.Anyone have any suggestions? I am so going crazy! She screams constantly until she can get to me!!!! Help

Editor's note: Please check out our parrot training page for help.

May 16, 2009
screaming Jenday conure
by: Anonymous

OMG!!! please don't spray her as a form of punishment or yell or scream at her.They don't know any better. Conures in general tend to be screamers. The reason she is screaming is because she wants attention and when she knows someone is up, she will scream as if to say "hello, someone come and get me. She should be allowed out of cage time during the day and have plenty of toys to play with. You need to spend more time with her and make her feel like part of the family instead of a nuisance. is her cage near a window? is it big enough? does she have room to explore? Maybe a tabletop climbing perch? you could put her on it when the family is hanging out watching t.v.Do you leave a radio or t.v on a timer for her? she should also be covered at night.parrots need at least 10 hours of restful sleep and covering her would help achieve that.Please please don't decipline her by throwing things at her cage or spraying her or yelling at her. it is unsafe for your bird. It sounds to me like you love your bird so please let her feel like you love her and be patient with her. talk calmly to her. Once she feels like part of the family, it will calm her.
Good luck and let us know how you make out. Please treasure your companion, she relies on you.

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