Screaming McCaw

by Mary Amendolaro
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

How do I stop my B/G McCaw from screaming???
He gets so much attention, does not bite, but will scream if he is not getting attention. I do ignore him but it lasts too long too many in house complaing, i may have to give him up if I can't stop his screaming.'
Please help!!

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Jul 18, 2010
Screaming McCaw
by: Linda

Giving up on your bird is a very last resort because if you do not handle this, he will be abused and neglected in his next home and the one after that and so on.

First take him to an Avian Vet to rule out physical cause for screaming. Once he has a clean bill of health, and this includes testing for viral and bacterial infections, parasites and some basic bloodwork to see how his organs are functioning, you may then begin training. There are links on this site for training help, and the internet is also loaded with training information.

Nest, look hard at is his diet. A bird not eating a wholesome diet, will become a screamer. This can come from an imbalance. NO TABLE FOODS, OR PEOPLE FOOD OF ANY KIND AS THEY CONTAIN LARGE AMOUNTS OF SALT, SUGAR AND FAT. The sugar and salt are a quick killer of birds, and the fat is slower and causes fatty liver disease and poor functioning of the kidneys.

A parrot has to eat parrot food, and it has to be the highest quality you can possibly find. Harrison's is Avian Vet endorsed and being organic provides all basic nutritional needs for a parrot and is found on this site. Fruit and veggies can be no more than 10-15% of overall diet which means a few times a week. If you are feeding a cheaper pellet, then he is being exposed to dangerous toxins every time he eats like dyes, pesticide/fertilizer residue and preservatives all of which build up in the system and cause poisoning and behavior problems along the way to death.

Here is link for help in changing bird from seeds to pellets, and it was written by an Avian Vet:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

It is important to remember commitment you made to your bird when you brought him home. If he leaves your home without getting to the bottom of this problem, I guarantee you the rest of his life will be hell on earth, and these birds can live up to 90 years and beyond. Take the time now to work with him on all levels to change him from a problem child to a model citizen. You will be honoring his Spirit and your commitment to his health and well being which you are obliged to do. Healthy food, medical services, the largest cage you can find, and adequate training are the basics of pet ownership.

Your family needs to become part of his training program so he knows his family is united in wanting the best for him. You will see a different bird in a six months if you follow all the steps I've outlined. Then if you still want to re-home him, he will be ready for a quality family and not just someone willing to take on a bird with behavior problems. These birds are systematically abused and neglected, and they live miserable, lonely, painful lives and die alone with no one to care for or about them.


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