You can train your screaming parrot to stop screeching all the time.

Darlene has trained her re-homed parrots to stop screaming.

Darlene has graciously allowed me to share her experience with her two re-homed Amazon parrots.

Most people think that all the large parrots scream, yes this is true. But if you own a dog, can you teach it tricks???? Of course you can!!!!!!!! Parrots like any animal can and will learn new things (especially if they get yummy treats for their effort.)

My Rocky, a Lilac Crowned Amazon, was my first parrot. I bought him(?) from a pet store where he had been caged in a 20x20inch cage for 2 years. He wasn't allowed out because he attacked any and all men that came near him, and the store at that time only had male employees....... I used to go into the store every day and talk to the poor bird. I taught him to 'shake a paw' trough the bars of the cage, gave him scritches on the head, and promised him one day I would bring him home with me.

Well a few days later I was talking to Rocky and was telling him “I would love to bring you home.” At that moment the owner walked by me and said “so why don't you take the d*** thing home if you want him so much.”

I told him it depended on the asking price. I also told the owner that he would never sell Rocky because every time someone came to see him, he was all lovey to the woman and went ballistic trying to get out and attack the men.

We agreed on a price (I got Rocky with his cage and the toys I had put in his cage for him to play with for $400.) and he has been with me now for 10 years and I am his final home.

I don't know what happened to him with the original owners, or why he hated men so much, but after years of training and reconditioning he no longer tries to kill anything male on 2 He stills hates men in red shirts and if they wear hats, but at least he no longer goes for them.

He has never been a snuggly bird, he just loves to sit on my shoulder and watch whatever I am doing. He preens my hair and eyelashes (when we are alone, not to get him upset thinking I am being attacked by someone) and insists on tasting whatever I am eating (how to improve your eating I now have to eat junk food in hiding or not at :)

My second parrot is also a rescue. I got her 1 year after Rocky. I was with a friend visiting someone else and as a joke (never thinking it would happen) told Sue that if for any reason she could not keep Groucho, a Blue Fronted Amazon, to give me a call and I would come and get her.

Well, six months later sue called me. She was in the middle of a divorce, new job, moving, etc, and said if I wanted Groucho to come and get her. I was there in 45 minutes......lolol

She came from a real bad situation, fighting between Sue and soon to be ex-hubby, yelling, things getting thrown you name it. The poor bird was traumatized by all of the racket, so I brought the poor thing home that day and started her on her new road to health and better living conditions.

It is Groucho who can be a real screamer. When I first got her I would turn on the T.V. and she would start screaming. If I turned on the radio, she would do the same thing. Have friends over, even worse.

Everyone told me to get rid of the bloody bird before I got kicked outta my apartment. I told them, “No way!!!!” It took months to be able to turn on the T.V. with sound. I used to whisper to her to get her to lower her volume. I would tell her it was ok, there was no danger, it was just the T.V., radio, a friend, etc.

After close to one year, I finally got her to realize that yes, the T.V. makes noise but it is not a danger to her. She still has her moments when she screams, but I can usually get her to lower her volume by whispering to her. I tell her people are sleeping and she needs to be quiet.... it doesn't always work but usually it does. :)

By the way, when sue gave me Groucho, I was told Groucho was a male. Eight months after being at my place, “he” was in season, and laid 3 eggs in the bottom of the cage.....lolololol


Thanks Darlene for giving us another method to help with screaming parrots.

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