scruffy feathers

by hayley

Hello, i've had my senegal parrot 4-5 years now. During those years i've moved house lots of times so he's used to moving and has never found this stressful. Since moving into my present house his feathers have deterierated. They were very sleek bright and clean and now he seems to have plucked his feathers too much and they look scruffy and horrible.

At first i thought he was just malting and with the weather not making his mind up this was effecting him but he's getting worse. The pet shop gave me some spray for fleas incase he'd picked something up and some minerals for his drinking water but they're not helping either.

His cage is sat nxt to a window so he's got plenty of daylight, he's in the front room near the fireplace but the fires never on.

please help me with some advice what it could be, i dont know what to do. He seems his usual cheeky self, no different in himself at all.
Kind regards,

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Jun 06, 2012
Bird with scruffy feathers
by: Tracie

I am sorry your bird is having these problems, and I am glad you are trying to help.

Dr B can not tell what may be wrong without examining your bird and running tests. He for sure would not recommend putting minerals in the water or giving your bird something for fleas.

The problem with putting vitamins or minerals in water is that you might be giving the bird a toxic amount of one thing and not enough of another thing. You can kill your bird pretty quickly by giving over the counter stuff. These things may have just made your bird worse.

Please try to Find an Avian Vet within driving distance that can examine your bird and run blood tests to see what exactly is wrong. Then the bird can get the exact thing(s) it needs to get better.

If you can't find an avian vet near you at the link listed above, then call a breeder or independent pet store and see if they can recommend an avian vet, not a dog/cat vet, a vet that has been trained to care for birds.

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