Seed in Parrotlet's Feces

by Tim Marshall
(St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada)

We don't have any avian vets where I live or anywhere accessible. We've had our 9 year old parrotlet to a local vet who does get involved with birds. He examined the poop under a microscope and it seemed to be fine and he did an exam but couldn't find anything abnormal about him.

We gave him a broad base anti-biotic for about a week, but have him on water now. We've been syringe feeding him baby food for nearly a week and while he is not his old self, he seems to be a little better, but his poop is still full of undigested seed. We keep him under a heat lamp.

He started off with listlessness, sleeping all the time, inability to fly more than a foot or two. He *may* have gotten a chill on an unexpectedly exceptionally cold night a week-and-a-half ago. Our three other birds in the same room (another parrotlet, Quaker, and African grey) are fine. The sick parrotlet has lost a lot of weight - his breast bone has become very prominent, though with the baby food, he seems to be regaining weight, albeit very slowly.

Any suggestions? Thanks very much in advance

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Apr 15, 2009
Seed in Parrotlet's feces
by: The Vet

Were any other diagnostics done ? blood work, x-rays, cultures, ... ?

It sounds like you gave the antibiotics in the water. If so, don?t expect your bird to improve, and if he does, then expect a relapse. Water-administered antibiotics are very ineffective and should not be given. Also, get rid of the heat lamp. These are a danger in that burns are common, you cannot leave them on over night and your bird will get cold at night, they only provide heat if they are directly in front of them and this is very ineffective, and they will dry out the skin and mucous membranes which will cause more problems in your bird.

It is best to put your bird in a small cage or aquarium and put a heating pad on high then cover it with a towel. Cover half of the cage with a towel to hold in the heat. He needs to be in 90-95ºF.

There are several things that can cause these symptoms. You need to have some diagnostics done to determine the cause and THEN give treatment based on the results. I would also recommend that you assume he is contagious and isolate him from the rest of your flock.

Dr B

Apr 14, 2009
by: lori

I have just gone through the same thing with my cockatiel. She is on Baytril for ten days.She is now back to eating again. One thing I would suggest in a probiotic. You should always use it during and after antibiotics. I use avi-culture that I buy on the internet. I like it because you mix it in distilled water. The vet on this website reccomends Bene Bac . Its a gel you squirt in their mouth or a powder that you mix with wet food. I feel like I am stressing her enough trying to get the antibiotic down her without having to force the probiotic down as well. And she has never quit drinking. I use avi-culture at least once a week and more during molting or stressful times for all my birds as well as the dog and rabbit.

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