Seizures in Green Cheek Conures

by Dani Decker
(Guthrie, Ok)

A few days ago, my youngest Green Cheek Conure started to have seizures shortly after putting the birds to bed for the night. Due to the extent and number of seizures he was having I was unable to get him to the hospital and he passed away. These were very violent seizures, and came about every thirty minutes, Storey showed now sign of anything being out of the normal prior to the onset of these seizures, they were sudden and deadly, are seizures common with the Green Cheeks, I have two other green cheeks , my pineapple has had one seizure before and non since, my normal green cheek, has never had one.
Thank you so much.

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Jul 17, 2010
recommendation for brand of cage/toys?
by: Karen

Can you please recommend a toy company that only uses safe toys and or cages etc? As a nre gc conure ownder Im having trouble finding this stuff and the pet stores around here carry brands that don't specify. THANK YOU1

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Apr 18, 2010
Am worried....My GCC has had seizures
by: Zilla's Human

I've had my GCC 'Zilla' for about a year or two. Recently, She has had a seizure that lasted no less than 3 to 5 minutes. I have noticed that when she has her seizures, That she would often raise one wing higher than her head as if to try to balance herself as she has the seizures. Also, 'Zilla' would sway her body a little from side to side as if she has no balance control. However, Once the seizures are over, She acts as if they never happened.

I am worried... Could it be a neurological condition, or something worse than that?

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Feb 05, 2010
Green Cheek "Oscar"
by: Dave

Anyone know what this might be? I have taken Oscar to get a bath in the kitchen sink. Every so often there will be a noise then he will get all wobbly and take his wings way back behind him and tilt his head way back. It usually take around 5 to 10 minutes before he is good enough to move around normal. Any ideas of what could be causing this.


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Jan 12, 2010
Seizures in conures
by: The Avian Vet

Green-cheekeds are not more prone to seizures than any other bird. In fact, I have never seen one in my practice that presented with seizures.

Seizures are a complicated problem and often go undiagnosed. Idiopathic epilepsy does occur in birds. Some nutritional problems can cause seizures. Head trauma is also a common cause. Brain tumors have been found in birds and cause seizures. Certain infections can also cause them. Certain toxins can cause them too.

Did you have a necropsy (animal autopsy) performed on the G-c who died? Necropsy is often the only way to get a final diagnosis in these cases. Since you have a second bird in the same household showing similar signs, I recommend that you have a complete work up done before more seizures occur. Have the veterinarian do CBC, Chemistry panel, zinc and lead levels, and x-rays at the very least.

Dr B

Jan 11, 2010
My African grey parrot is sick. and his buddy a citron cockatoo is being ver agressive
by: Linda

Well, since I don't know anything about the bird's environment, I'll take a stab in the dark on this. This sounds like it could be a toxin in food, water or the air. There are many household chemicals that will cause seizures and death in birds. The list is kind of long, and I'll give you the short version. Perfume of any kind whether from a bottle or dryer sheets, finger nail polish and remover, glue, scented candles, room deoderizers including the plug in variety. Aerosol sprays will kill birds, burning teflon coated pots and pans will also kill birds as will burning plastic. Household cleaning chemicals HAVE to be safe for birds and Tracie has a good cleaning product out here. Bleach, Ammonia, some furniture polish (most of it actually), and other cleansers commonly used in homes are poison. Paint fumes kill, and this means latex as well. Cooking smells can sometimes cause problems, cigarette smoke is deadly. The list goes on, so if you saw anything in there that rings any bells, get rid of it. Pollutants in food and water can also kill birds. Have your water supply checked and use an under the sink professional reverse osmosis filter if you need to. We do. Veggies and fruit bought in grocery stores unless they are certified organic can have pesticide residue on or in them. While you can wash off toxins, you can't do anything about the ones that have gone through thin skinned veggies or fruit like oranges, tomatoes or green beans. Green beans soak up all fertilizers and pesticides making them a toxic soup for humans and animals.

Take your remaining birds to an Avian Vet immediately for an exam to see if they can find anything in the blood work. Toxic levels of chemicals will usually show up in blood work though not always. If the toxin was introduced and then over quickly, maybe only a weaker bird would succumb to it, but the rest are at risk.Lead and zinc associated with cages and toy hardware will kill, so check all this out carefully. We buy nickel plated and stainless parts for our perches and toys, and have manufacturer's report on lead and zinc levels in powder coating on cage.

Our birds teach us how to live better and more safely. They teach us about how polluted our world is becoming, and one has to be very careful these things don't kill us slowly or quickly as the case may be.

Thanks for writing and let us know what vet has to say.


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