by Cheryl
(Alberta Canada)


I have a Male white faced split pearl cockatiel. He is about 2 years old.

In April of this year he started having seizures. We started taking him to the vet in may to see what was going on. The Vet did blood work the first visit (everything was normal including psittacosis), Xray were the next thing to look for swollon organs or metal. That came back normal. The last thing we did was a CT scan and that came back normal as well. The vet doesnt know what is going on and she said it is not epilepsy.

Mojo is on a 60% seed diet, 10% pellet (though I doubt he eats any of it) and 30% fresh fruit/veggies and a grain (pasta, rice or bread) and anything else we are eatting.

The last 2 times he had them he was startled or caught off gaurd.

Any thoughts on what it might be would be helpful.


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Sep 19, 2008
by: Cheryl

Thank you, I will attempt it.

Sep 15, 2008
switch to pellets
by: Tracie

I know from previous experience that Dr. B will tell you to switch your bird to eating 80% pellets, especially since your vet can not find any other solution.

I have an article that Dr. B wrote to help you convert your bird to pellets. The diet you describe is not good and Dr. B has had success with patients that switch to pellets having seizures stop.

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