Senagal gone quiet

by Sarah
(Falmouth, Cornwall)

Hi, My Senagal Parrot is usually really loud and full of energy. I woke up one morning and he didn't do his usual call (He calls when I leave the room). At first I thought nothing, but as the day went on I noticed he was sleeping most of the day and puffed up feathers. I thought he may be cold, so I put a heatlamp on him which he cuddled up to which was odd as from experience I know birds need to save energy and not waste it keeping warm when they're ill.

Next day, it was the same, quiet and no calling, puffed up cuddled to the heatlamp and sleeping.
He's still eating and drinking but so quiet and well, not him at all. It's been nearly a week now.
I thought it may be a chill as I had the window open the other day randomly, plus he had just bathed.

I've noticed some slight sneezing sounds too which could confirm the chill part.
I've also noticed when he tries to call it's quite croaky.
I've had a feel of his crop and all seems fine.

Any adivce would be great, I'm worried sick.



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Sep 07, 2011
Bird quiet and fluffing up
by: Tracie

Anytime a bird goes quiet and sits fluffed it is very ill. Please Find an Avian Vet for your bird. Dr B can not help, because he can not examine your bird and prescribe over the Internet.

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