senegal egg sitting

by dave
(liverpool uk)

hi all ,
my seneagl laid 4 eggs , the first 30 days ago and then every 3rd day so a difference of 9 days from 1st to 4th , she is still currently sitting on the eggs , if im right and she started sitting after the 2nd egg was laid that makes it 27 days , is this still ok , not overdue ?? did not candle eggs as i have just left the parents to it , so how long should i leave the hen to sit.

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Mar 21, 2010
senegal egg sitting
by: Linda

Hello Dave and thanks for writing. Eggs are normally laid every other day, so the first one laid, if fertile, should be hatching, and then it is every other day that another baby hatches. Brooding or sitting does not start until the 2nd egg has been laid, so you can have a day or two off for the first hatchling.

I found that a fairly normal incubation period is 27-28 days for them. I have pulled in a link to an article about the Senegals and breeding. From what I see, they are not the easiest birds to breed and have some special requirements which you may or may not be aware of. Here is the link:
I've visited this site before, and their information is accurate, so take a look. I did a quick read, so you can take longer, but after 30 days, it may be that the eggs are clear. Article also said the Senegals do not like "egg inspections", which is different from most parrots who don't mind a look and/or a candling of the eggs.

Let us know what happens here, and HAPPY BREEDING. Also, breed no more than once a year which is how the Senegal prefers to do it. More than once a year, for any pair, wears the hen out and uses up precious reserves of her physical energy. This little rule is FOR ALL PARROTS, EVERYWHERE. Breed no more than once a year as egg production is hard physical work, not to mention actually laying them.


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