Senegal ~ Is it Molting or Plucking?????

by Marcia
(Myrtle Beach, SC)

Help!!!! My senegal parrot (approx. 4 years of age) has just recently (in the past 2 weeks) began to pluck at her feathers. It started down her back along the wings. Now it looks like "downy feathers" all over her back and now starting on her chest.

I don't see bald spots nor do I see pin feathers .... so I don't know if this is molting or something more serious. Took her to a "bird" store and they said she looks good, eyes are clear and she's eating good. Maybe I should go to a vet but didn't want to spend the $$$$ is this is something I can deal with. Thanks for any info!

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Feb 05, 2009
by: Lori

When my 7 year old cockatiel started plucking I waited to take her to the vet. Then a friend told me her cockatiel died 2 weeks after she started plucking. So I took her to the vet that day. They put her on antibiotics and I used Pluck-No-More in her water and as a mister. Within 8 days she had quit plucking. She looked just like your bird with all the downey feathers. Its been a month and today I finally felt pin feathers so I'm hoping that soon she will start to look better.
I would take your bird to the vet just in case its sick.

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