senegal parrot breeding

by jennifer dean

I have a male senegal parrot who has recently started sharing his cage with my female senegal parrot i am unsure about when my female lays her next eggs will i need to remove the male as i dont want to cause either of them any stress

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Aug 08, 2011
senegal parrot breeding
by: Linda

Please put these birds into separate cages and allow them to play together when outside of cage.

Please forget about breeding any birds as the markets are flooded with them, and their lives are spent in misery, pain and lonliness somewhere along the line. People can get birds cheaply when markets are flooded, and some of the people who can get them cheaply should never have children OR pets because they have cruel, small minds and enjoy hurting helpless creatures including their own children. Think before you do this because there is no money in breeding if you feed high quality organic pelleted diets and have regular checkups at the Avian Vet's. You also have to know how to handfeed babies in case parents do not do this. It is very complicated, expensive and the ones who lose when you are unprepared are the birds.

Life is portrayed as cheap in this world today, and stand up and be a person who says enough is enough. All life is precious, and we are the caretakers of life on this planet. Let's stand together and start living as if we honor all life as precious and important. It does not matter that our governments think killing innocent children is just a part of war. It is a horrible testiment to how low our species has fallen when it is okay for children to be killed because some adults cannot get along!

Sorry for the mini sermon, but I am so tired of hearing about poorly planned bird, cat or dog breeding when the world is full of homeless birds, cats, dogs and people. Life is to be honored not thrown away like so much trash.

Thanks for bearing with me, and please rethink your breeding plans as most times, breeding is a mistake your babies will pay for all their iives.


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