Senegal parrot dies at age of four

by Ronald crafts

Why would a parrot die at four years old?

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May 17, 2011
Senegal parrot dies at age of four
by: Linda

There are many reasons why a bird dies young though as for your bird, it is all conjecture because unless you had a necropsy done by an Avian Vet, we'll never know.

Sometimes birds are bred incorrectly and they have various internal weaknesses like heart, kidneys, liver or even cancerous tumors. Sometimes if a bird is sick without being taken to an avian vet for diagnosis and treatment, they will die. This is important in that sick birds do not get over their infections or illnesses without an avian vet's intervention.

If you are planning on having another bird understand that they have to be taken to an avian vet the first few days you have them to make sure any infections are diagnosed and treated. All birds coming from a pet store are already sick and a lot of the ones coming directly from a breeder are either sick or get sick shortly after the stress of moving into new home. Make sure you have an avian vet within your driving area before even considering having a bird for a pet because they do get injured and sick and need treatment by a licensed and trained avian vet. They cannot be taken to dog and cat vets as they are not licensed and know little if anything about diagnosing and treating exotic pets like parrots.

I'm sorry for your loss, and the necropsy would have been the only to know why your bird died.


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