senegal parrot - gaining trust

by maria

i have just taken in a male senegal parrot, been told approx 18mths old, who had always lived in an aviary, and about 4-5wks ago put into a cage, he tends to sit one end of his perch like a statue and not move and if you go near him will make a racked obviously distressed. i have only had him a couple of days and at the moment i'm just going into the room with him and talking gently to him, i have also got an amazon who is the same room and who can be noisy. i was wondering would it be better to put them in seperate rooms, and any advice on how to gain the senegals trust.

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Mar 29, 2011
senegal parrot
by: maria

sorry no i haven't put them in the same cage and for obvious reasons wouldn't, and have since been to the vet with him and they say he's about 18mths old, but i didnt think about having his wings clipped until reading your reply which makes perfect sense. at the moment i have been putting a bit of apple on one of his perches and he has started to come over and get it aslong as my hand is out of the way.
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Mar 28, 2011
senegal parrot - gaining trust
by: Linda

You did not ask, and I'll bring it up anyway. Do not put these two in cage together, ever as there is too much difference in size.

There are some training materials on the Parrot Training page, and first, before any training, your new bird needs to be checked out by an Avian Vet and only an avian vet in your driving area. All new birds have to be examined by an avian vet within the first few days or week because most all of them come from pet stores already carrying infections of usually the baterial kind. So, make sure he is not getting sick or already sick because these infections are highly contageous and your other bird will also become sick.You cannot train a sick bird, as they do not feel well.

Keep birds in same room, just be very careful when they are outside cages. In fact, until new bird is tamed, work with them separately. Your new bird is also very afraid of you and everything in your home. Make sure his cage is large enough with natural safe branches to sit on and some nice wooden chew toys. When at the Avian Vet, having his wings clipped for his own safety. Have ONLY the first 6 long primary flight feathers at the ends of each wing trimmed. Do not allow them to trim up any higher as this cripples birds. The reasoning behind this is to keep bird from being able to fly into walls, windows and other dangerous items found in homes plus until he is fully tame, he will just fly away from you and no training will take. Make sure only an avian vet trims nails, beaks or wings as dog and cat groomers do not know what they are doing and are not to be trusted with parrots of any kind or size.


Mar 28, 2011
by: John

Hello, It will take a little time, maybe a month or two, just like people, your not going to trust a stranger you met on the street in 2 days, birds have to operate in a similar fashion its just nature to be leary until you grow to know, he will come around , just takes time and he will be fine, I would probably not separate the birds either they need to get used to each other too, they will be just fine,

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