senegal parrot gender difference

by mad

what is the difference between a female senegal parrot and a male senegal parrot.

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Feb 21, 2011
Senegal difference
by: Tracie

Here is our Senegal Parrot Information page that will help you. Best of all, at the bottom of the page are stories posted by Senegal parrot owners.

I am friends with someone that worked at a privately owned pet store. She had a Senegal Parrot for sale, that she couldn't sell because it became attached to her and didn't like the customers. Just so you know, Senegal's can become one person birds if you don't encourage them to interact with others often.

Feb 19, 2011
senegal parrot gender difference
by: Linda

As far as behavior is concerned, there is not much difference. Once the birds reach sexual maturity, we may see a male bonding closer with the human female caretaker and the female bonding closer with the male human caretaker, but if the bird has been well taken care of, loved, respected and taught to be a good birdy citizen, these differences are minor at best.

So, feel free to get either one because either sex can bring you great joy and also a few tears along the way. Take good care of any bird you are lucky enough to get. Feed it wholesome food, give it the largest cage you can afford, natural branch wood perches, safe toys and most of all your time and energy. Also, yearly visits to Avian Vet will take care of any physical issues that come up. Reading and study about parrots in general and your choice of parrot in particular is an ongoing lifelong project. You will never know everything there is to know about birds, and you can learn something new everyday by reading, and finding places on the internet where people have your kind of bird. You will also make many friends along the way, and can feel proud of yourself for a job well done when you look at your beautiful, healthy, happy and well adjusted bird.

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