Senegal sneezing - mimicking?

by Jill
(Corydon, Indiana, USA)

I have a Senegal parrot, and I am trying to find out if he is mimicking me or if he is having symptoms. Several people in the house have been sick lately and have had the sniffles, and sneezing. So the last few days the bird has also been sneezing. He seems fine other wise. Eating and drinking. Having droppings regularly, and playing and acting OK.

I am thinking that he is mimicking me as he tends to mimic everything. I would like your thoughts on that.

Also, I was wondering if you had a suggestion on any vitamin or supplements that I should be using along with his diet.

Thank you,
Jill Hadesty

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Dec 12, 2008
Our Grey coughs and sneezes all the time
by: Anonymous

Our African Grey coughs and sneezes. He is just mimicking. Just before we first got him, our home had just be repainted on the inside. I am allergic to paint and had bronchitis for 6 months. Coughing and sneezing were the first "words" he did, and he still does it.

Dec 12, 2008
Senegal copying sneeze
by: Tracie

I know of one Senegal that can make the sound of the phone ringing. We think he also learned how to "throw" his voice! It sounds like the phone is ringing from where it sits and the owner used to run for the phone all the time. LOL

Now the owner looks for the light on the phone to blink to see if the phone is really ringing. That Senegal copied many things accurately.

I seems as if your bird is just copying your family, but if you notice any change in behavior take him to an avian vet.

Our vet recommends you feed your bird a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's with healthy fresh food and treats. If you are doing this, you should not need supplements.

Our vet also says to NEVER give your bird vitamins without a doctor's supervision. I know from personal experience you can kill a bird with vitamins. I killed my first parrot by giving him vitamins I purchased at a bird store, by the recommendation of the pet store employee. The bird became toxic and died.

Dec 12, 2008
by: Amy

We had a senegal as a foster bird that used to cough all the time - you could tell he was mimicking his former owner, because he sounded like an old man coughing. The sneezing your bird is doing, does it sound like a person sneezing, or does it sound like he's actually sneezing? If he doesn't stop doing it or if it gets worse, I'd take him to the vet to have it checked out.
Also, I can highly recommend vitamin supplements made by Avitec. Look them up online and you can choose the type of supplement you need. You can also check out where you can purchase them on their website or buy them directly from Avitec. I use the AviVitaPlus, Featheriffic (which helps them during molting or with regrowth after plucking), and AviCalm. I've had great success with all their products!

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