senegal suddenly losing belly feathers

Our 10 year old senegal parrot in last 3-4 days is suddenly just flapping wings & losing the belly feathers. Looks bald now on belly. They are the small white/green/gray soft feathers. Does not seem to be plucking. Just flaps & all the feathers fly off. Have not seen anything like this before. Nothing has changed. Eats pellets & fresh produce. We do have a woodstove & house a little dry but this is situation every winter. She is eating fine & no change in excrement. Can you help us?

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Dec 02, 2010
Bird suddenly losing feathers
by: The Avian Vet

I suspect plucking, maybe due to the dry air. Molting can be the reason some feathers are falling out, but molting does not cause bare patches. You need to take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian. Birds need to be seen annually for check ups and vaccines. It could be something more serious too such as Beak and Feather Disease.

Dr B

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