senegals breeding behaviour

by dave
(liverpool uk)

i have a male and female senegal ( so i was told ) over the last 6 weeks they have been in and out the nest box digging and cleaning it ( mostly the male ) also the male takes food into the nest box and sits there eating it , the female comes in and starts digging then goes out again , is this breeding behaviuor or do senegal parrots do this anyway .

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Jan 13, 2010
senegals breeding behaviour
by: Linda

Sounds like breeding behavior, but until you see them actually mating, they may be just playing. The hen needs to be over a year old before breeding. If nothing happens in a while, you may have two hens and will need to have both sexed using a DNA test. Your Avian Vet will take a small amount of blood from both birds and send it off for the testing which takes possibly a couple of weeks or more to come back.

If it turns out you have two of the same sex, then maybe you could trade one of them for a male.

My question is why you're wanting to breed anyway? The market here in the states and probably the UK as well is flooded with parrots, and a large percentage of them end up in neglectful and abusive homes. It is something to think about BEFORE breeding as once the babies arrive, your responsibilities are very clear in that you must do everything in your power to keep them healthy and into a good home. The first home parrots end up in is not the whole story as parrots are usually moved around a lot during their lifetimes. Where they start is just the beginning, and many end up in very bad homes as they are moved. Birds with behavioral problems from not being trained correctly will end up being abused, neglected and/or locked in a dark basement or closet. Search your heart before you contemplate breeding birds. There is no money to speak of from breeding them. Babies and parents will have to be taken to Avian Vet--parents now and babies once they are here to make sure all is well. Babies tend to contract bacterial infections, and just one exam will not ensure they will stay infection free. If both parents have NOT been taken to Avian Vet for testing prior to breeding, the chances double and triple for problems with the babies.

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