Senegal's "Soundless Talking"

by Joan

When I pick up my Senegal and talk to him and pet him he "talks" but no sound comes out. Kinda like hes "gumming". Its hard to describe! His beak is moving up and down and tongue moves too but no sound. He can make sound~Very loud screech in fact! Any idea what this means and is this a common behaviour for that kind of bird? He is very happy while doing this and not at all aggresive.

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Jan 23, 2012
Bird moves beak but doesn't make noise
by: Tracie

Is your bird a new bird? Many birds do this when they are learning to repeat words. Then some will only "practice" out loud when you are not in the room.

I am glad the bird DOES make noise, because a quiet bird is often a sick bird.

Your bird's body language will reflect his temperament. If he is angry, then he will fluff up to make himself bigger, hiss, etc. You might purchase some books on caring for birds, specifically a Senegal parrot, that will help you learn body language etc.

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