sengal laying eggs

my bird is having eggs after 15 years i thought it was a male ,but all she does now is sit in her food bowel what do i do

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Dec 30, 2010
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by: Tracie

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Dec 30, 2010
my sengal
by: kevin

Thank you for that info ,And yes i did move and her cage is in a diffent area and i do pet her back so i will stop doing that ,thank you that was the best help .Where do i get one of them tents

Dec 27, 2010
Re: sengal laying eggs
by: Kathy Heaton


(1) Do *not* remove the eggs - she'll only lay more to replace her ''stolen'' clutch.

(2) Provide a crock or alternate source of food for the duration.

She's been capable of laying eggs for the past 7-8 years, but apparently hasn't done so. What may have recently changed or happened to trigger the breeding mode?

Has her cage been moved, is she spending more (or less) time inside it, does she have a new pup tent or access to a dark cranny/hidey-hole?

When you pet her, do you know to avoid stroking under her wings or down her sides and back? Stick to her head and neck to avoid unintended sexual stimulation!

Is she receiving a minimum of 12 hours of *quiet* darkness each day?

Have more showers (baths, mistings) been offered? Did you add a new food to her diet?

Longer photoperiods (hours of sunlight or artificial light, i.e., longer days,) increased moisture (spring rains,) and an abundance of fresh (soft) foods signal the onset of breeding season to birds in the wild. As pet owners, we must be careful to avoid confusing the birds in our care.

You'll want to leave her alone for the interim, until she figures out the eggs aren't going to hatch (2-3 weeks) and abandons them. Meanwhile, she may be protective of them and you could be bitten - not because she wants to bite you, but because her instincts are telling her to. So just do minimal maintenance and avoid the possibility.

Laying these eggs won't hurt her as long as she's been eating a good quality pellet and has access to cuttlebone, mineral block, or another source of calcium; however excessive egg-laying can be detrimental to a hen's health, so you'll want to discourage that.

Just try to figure out what triggered this egg-laying episode and undo it so it won't happen again.


Houston TX

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