sensitivity to cold

by camista
(oklahoma city, ok)

My mother's parrot is in a house that currently has not heat due to an ice storm that hit in northeast arkansas. She is currently in the hospital and would like to know if I could find out how cold is too cold for an african grey bird. She has never been without heat in the house and is very worried about what he can withstand as far as temperatures are concerned. Thanks! your help is greatly appreciated.

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Jan 30, 2009
Too cold for a bird
by: The Vet

This is a dangerous situation for that bird. Birds do OK down to around 50. If it is colder than that and going to be colder than that for some time, then he needs to be moved or have supplemental heat like a propane heater. No kerosene!

Dr B

Jan 29, 2009
Too cold for a bird?
by: Tracie

I don't know if Dr. B will see this question today, so I will tell you what I have been told.

From what I understand, when the cold comes on gradually, not a windy draft, the bird will adjust and be fine.

You can help the bird by providing a bird tent for it to snuggle in and cover the top of the cage with a blanket if the bird has to stay there without electricity.

The very best option would be for the bird to stay with someone that has electricity while she is in the hospital. It could probably use the comfort of a human while his "flock" is gone.

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