Separating Parrots?

by dal

Two years ago I purchased 2 African Greys from a woman.

Joey is a Timneh (no idea of age, maybe 15)She told me she had gotten him from a man who had abused him and he was quite afraid.

Lucy is a CAG and again maybe abit younger. She did not tell me where she got her.

She had put them in the same cage and was selling their young. Telling people they wee CAGs.
I took them home and let her have her eggs for awhile (they were infertile. I then separated the 2 and put them in cages side by side. Lucy only like men and does not even like it when I feed her.

When I first tried to pick up Joey I got a few good scars. I have been working with him and he has gotten to the point where he will stick out him leg and let me kiss him. (from the safety of his cage)Outside he will let me near but and seems to enjoy our visit. He climbs down and walks around the house sometimes.

My question is, Lucy like my uncle and is willing for him to take her out. He would like to have her and I am willing to give her to him. (he has cockateils, a blue crowned conure and some finches) He lives 10 hours way so they would not be able to visit each other.

I would like to keep Joey but am worried that it may not be good for him to be without another bird. I would really miss him and I do love him but I want to do what is best for him.

As I type they are in there talking back and forth. Please tell me your opinions. Thanks

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Sep 09, 2008
Separate Parrots?
by: The Vet

I cannot tell you what to do, but I can help you make an informed decision. Birds like the company of other birds; it gives them security and companionship even tough they are in separate cages.

However, single birds can be as happy if you can give them companionship, play with them, etc. Having Joey be without Lucy, could improve your chances of Joey developing a closer bond with you. If Lucy does not come out for you and is "cage bound" at your home, then giving her to someone who can take her out and interact with her could improve her quality of life. Hope this helps.

Dr B

Sep 08, 2008
Seperating Parrots
by: Kralice4u

That sounds like a hard call (decision). Often times if birds are used to being around other birds, to seperate them could be traumatic. There is no sure way to know unless you do seperate them. Some birds will do fine if they have allot of interaction with their care takers, but on the other hand, they may become stressed and begin to pluck their own feathers out. Maybe you could do a trial seperation and see how they both react. If they become stressed then put them back together. Good luck!

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