separation anxiety ?

by kathy

i have a 14 mo old groffin cockatoo who i think has separation anxiety, when i leave the room for just a short period of time, he starts to scream. i have tried staying out of the room longer, but sometimes he wouldn't calm down for more then 1/2 hr or so & it is so hard on me. i would talk to him while am way, but he just yells over me. & also i would just take him with me all the time, but worry that is enforcing the problen. as i mention it is when i get up & leave the room or when i walk in the door after work.

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Oct 05, 2013
Separation anxiety
by: Angela

Your bird is doing what they normally do in the wild, call out to their family members. I have had my bird for almost three years now and she had a bad habit of screaming for me every time I left the room. I would take her into the rooms that I was in, but stopped because it can be dangerous. She has no business being in the bathroom with me or in the kitchen while I cook. I also do not take her into the bedroom. We all have things to do and our bird cannot constantly accompany us. I have established a routine by telling my bird what I am going to do; as in "Mommy has to take a shower" or "Mommy has to go bye bye". They begin to associate your words to the sound of what you are doing. When my bird hears water running in the bathroom she knows I am showering and I am still there. When I say I have to "go bye bye" she knows the sound of my keys. I put the radio on before I leave the house to keep her company. Even after she is covered for the night, she calls out once in a while and I just say "go sleep birdie" as a reassurance. As your bird matures, it will stop screaming for you
so much, but establishing a routine and boundaries are the key. Remember, you are the boss, not your bird.

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