seperating a bonded pair

I have a bonded pair of quakers can I seperate them?
I can handle them when they are seperate from each other and off the cage and I want to work with them more and have them bond to me not each other they are 2.5 years old is this possible?

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Apr 22, 2009
Separating birds that are bonded
by: The Vet

You can try separating them and keep them in adjacent cages. I am sure you will experience adjustment behavior changes such as calling to each other. They will be able to adjust to separation, and if they are tame now, will be more tame after you separate them

The adjustment period is unpredictable ? a few weeks to months, even. On the other hand, Quakers seem to be sensitive to flock changes and a major change could induce feather damaging behaviors, and Quaker mutilation syndrome.

I think you can separate them and they will be OK, based on what you have told me.

Dr. B

Apr 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

It is very stressful to seperate a bonded pair. Also, there is no quarentee they will bond with you after being together. Can't you just work with them one at a time and see how it goes?

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