Seven month old Cockatiel laying eggs

by Shanna

I have a seven month old Luntino pearl cockatiel that is laying eggs. I have had her for three months I purchased her from a breeder and previous to her laying eggs I was trying to hand train her to be out of her cage and handled by doing step ups etc. She has never taken to any of the training and seemingly hates all humans making it clear by hissing and acting as if she will bite.

I wonder if now that she has begun to lay eggs and clearly has not bonded with me will she ever be a trainable bird or would she be better off in the hands of a breeder?

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Jan 13, 2013
Seven month old Cockatiel laying eggs
by: Linda

You obviously have not done your homework about your bird or you would not be asking such questions. Birds do not have to breed just because they can. Unless your bird is on a healthy diet of organic pellets, she can die at any time from egg binding. Birds this young should not be laying because they are not developed yet and this increases the risk of dying eggbound. I've had this happen to me, so you need to have her examined by an Avian Vet only in your driving area to have her cleared for any kind of infection or other physical issue. This exam is suppossed to be done in the first few days birds are in our homes so they get started off right.

As for training, it takes a long time for a bird to trust a human. They do not give trust easily, and they also have to feel good enough for the stress of taming and training. If your bird has any physical issues, she does not feel good enough for the training, and her attitude is that she'd rather be left alone.Trust is earned and never freely given. If she was raised in aviary with only birds and has had none or not much human handlng, she is acting normal. She does not hate you, she is deathly afraid of you, so keep that in mind.

Have her examined right away by an Avian Vet because she is in danger of dying from egg binding. This size bird has to be about 2 years old before egg laying begins. She does not ever need to breed, so you don't have to "get rid of her" because you are having problems. Take care of her which includes at least yearly exams by an avian vet to make sure she is well physically. She also needs to be eating a high quality diet of organic pellets. All seed diets cause many problems because it is a slow starvation diet. No dietary changes can be made until she has a clean bill of health.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say and take a look at some of the training materials on this site once she is either cleared for physical issues or treated and is well again.We also have instructions for changing from seeds to pellets when your bird is read for that.


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