Severe Macaw and his first Molting long ?

by Nina Zicari
(Spring Hill , Fl)



Can you tell me how long my Severe Macaw will go through this first baby molting ? I got my Severe Macaw when he was 2 months old . I have hand fed my little baby macaw until almost six months .

For the past 3 weeks he has been loosing tail feathers , having a bazillion pins and shedding lots of that white powder , grey and white fluffs .

He is uncomfortable and so am I . I have been spraying him once a week with water , he does not like baths . I feel helpless ?

Can you help me with this ? How long does it last ???

N. Zicari

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Dec 10, 2009
Severe Macaw and his first Molting long ?
by: Linda

It takes a month or two to complete a molt. It also depends on the bird, the time of year and so forth. Once all old feathers have fallen out, the new quills start to come in and open up and grow out. Once that is all done, then he is done with this year's molt.

The baths with the plant spayer are okay unless it is too cold a room or too cold water. Water should be warmed up some--not hot, just warm before any bath, and in the winter, never soak them to the skin as they can contract an upper respiratory infection this way.

If you have not already taken your bird to an Avian Vet, then you need to do so immediately. Baby birds' immune systems are compromised from being babies, and from being moved. Moving to a new home is very hard on any bird and the babies in particular. Take him to an Avian Vet in your driving area to have him checked for infections and/or other physical problems that need to be treated.

If you are weaning him, please put him on an organic, high quality pelleted diet as all seed diets will not grow in healthy feathers and birds are always quicker to become ill.

Let us know what the vet had to say, and congratulations on having your new friend. Molts are ususlly shorter for birds in very good health, so make sure he is by taking him to the vet.


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