Severe macaws squawk!

by Irene
(NW Indiana)

I know this sounds weird..but I have 3 blue and golds and when they scream oh man can you hear them. I love the sounds... but I just bought a 4 year old severe macaw and he is cute as a button, but when he screams or's a very slow screech. I can barely hear it... I don't know if this is normal.

I searched online and it says they are moderately loud birds. Well something is wrong then... I can't really explain the sound.. can someone else you has a severe give me some info on what theirs sounds like when they scream. Thank you so much! Irene

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Nov 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

OH thank you so much for your replies.. he has to have something wrong with him then.. .this is just horrible.. I just had all the blood work done on him... over 300 dollars worth and he has no infections etc that are contagious to my other birds.. Thank the LORD above.. but he has severe liver disease..which is just HORRIBLE for a little 4 year old parrots liver to be damaged already at such a young life.. He is on milk thistle and I did get him on harrisons ...I didn't mention to the vet about his voice being like that.. its a low scratchy sound like he has laryngitus (SPELLCHECK)or I need to take him back to Vet and have him do what next? THANKS AGAIN for being there for us when we need support for our feather critters.. :-)

Sep 27, 2009
I meant to say low
by: Anonymous

In my post I meant to say he has a real low toned squaw... can barely hear it.. but he does it when I leave the room or when I come home.. it's nothing like I have ever heard... very strange

Sep 26, 2009
Severe Macaw Squawk
by: Anonymous

Hi and congratulations on your new severe! I have a severe, and believe me, they are just as loud as a blue and gold! If you suspect your severe's voice is different, either hoarse or breathy, that could signify a serious health problem and he should be seen by an avian vet right away. I wouldn't wait on that! Our severe also does what sounds like a growl. She does it a lot when she's playing in her cage and at times when we scratch her head. Could that be what you're hearing? Good luck with him. Severes are characters, and love to be active and vocal. Ours comes out on her playstand every night and plays very hard with her toys. She is talking more and more each year, as her vocabulary grows slowly, but surely. I am sure you'll be very pleased with your severe once you determine what's causing her voice change.

Sep 26, 2009
by: LInda

Irene, something IS wrong with your bird! You need to take him immediately to an Avian Vet to have him checked for bacterial and/or viral infections. If he is sick and he is in close quarters with your other Macaws, they, too will need to be taken to the Avian Vet. Bacterial infections are highly contageous as are Viral infections and what one has, usually the others have as well.

A Severe Macaw should be able to just about knock your socks off when they scream, so your bird is either sick or was abused by prior owners. A bird that is neglected or hit will scream until they lose their voice for a time. Sickness is the best bet for what is wrong here, so do not wait to take him into the vet. All your birds need to be eating an organic, high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's to keep them healthy, and you will have less trips to the vet.


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