Sexually Mature Pionus noise?

by Lo

I have a (female?) Bronze Winged Pionus about 3 years old. Recently she(?) has started doing that weird cluck-y wing shake-y call non stop. Literally for hours, and it is maddening. She is not a screamer, biter, is otherwise a lovely bird, but this behavior is driving us crazy. Am I correct that this is sexual maturity? If so, why is she doing it constantly, and how can we get her to stop? Will she ever? Please help us, Thanks.

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Sep 26, 2011
Pionus making noise all day
by: The Avian Vet

This may be a sexual behavior, but not necessarily. This could be caused also by environmental problems or changes such as cage location, amount of light, etc. It is also associated with health problems such as cystic ovaries, or chronic hormone / uterine activity. Diet can play a role as well. I would need more information before I could make recommendations on treatment. Would you like to set up a phone consultation?

Dr B

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