Shaking bird

My new Parakete has been shaking and flapping her right wing. Is this because her flight wings were clipped before I took her home from the store(even though this didn't happen with my previous parakete)? or could this be more serious?

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Aug 12, 2009
by: Linda

I would take bird to an Avian vet immediately. All new birds should see a vet as soon as possible as birds can bring in infections and parasites to any other birds in the home.

Have your vet do a few tests to make sure she is okay or treat her if not.

Wing clipping needs to be done clipping ONLY the PRIMARY FLIGHT FEATHERS WHICH IS THE FIRST ROW ON THE END OF EACH WING. A lot of people who do not know what they are doing cut up into the secondary feathers and this causes pain and possible crippling of the birds wings. ALWAYS TELL WHO EVER IS CLIPPING THE WINGS TO JUST CLIP THE PRIMARY FLIGHT FEATHERS. This allows bird to glide to the floor instead of falling and hurting itself. Wings trimmed up too far will cause your bird to be hurt the first time it tries to fly and falls very hard. They also experience pain from the butch job on their wings. I'm not sure if this is the problem with your bird, but I've read about a lot of wing butchering out here, so doesn't hurt to talk about it.

So, go ahead and get bird an appointment with Avian vet so they can check it out. As I said, if the pet store BUTCHERED your bird's wings, there may not be much vet can do except to give a little pain medication and some antibiotic to keep infection from coming on.

If any people working in pet stores are reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE learn the correct way to clip bird's wings. They DO NOT NEED TO BE BUTCHERED, they only need the Primary feathers clipped which won't hurt the birds. Clipping up into the secondary feathers is called butchering and is totally not necessary. Your hearts may be in the right place, and your heads are not as this kind of clip hurts birds and makes them vulnerable to broken legs and toes from falling too hard.


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