shallow breathing

by David A Moehrke
(Leland NC)

several weeks ago one green cheek conure of a pair in a topper cage was observed in the late afternoon after a normal morning to to have shallow rapid breathing through the mouth, though the nostrils/Ceres seemed to be clear. After picking up the bird, the bird seemed to have no strength, and was laying on its back beak open. After only a few minutes the bird gave several audible grunts and died.
Any ideas as to what might have happened? The companion green cheek continues to be healthy.

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Jan 15, 2010
shallow breathing
by: Linda

Unless you had a necropsy done by an Avian Vet, there is no way to tell why bird died. It could have been many things one of which is a bacterial or viral infection. You MUST TAKE YOUR REMAINING BIRD TO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA IMMEDIATELY because infections are highly contageous, take a few weeks to incubate and will kill birds without proper medical intervention.

Just because your bird LOOKS okay, DOES NOT MEAN IT IS OKAY AT ALL. Please get it to an Avian Vet as soon as you can. Also, take the cage outside or into the bathroom and clean cage, grates, trays, perches, toys and clean thoroughly with a safe bird cleaning product like Pet Focus' Mango cleaner which Tracie carries out here.

Whatever caused the other bird to die is all over the cage and accessories and is nasty with bacteria and possibly a virus.

PLEASE TAKE YOUR BIRD TO VET AND GET THE CAGE AND ALL CLEANED UP SOON AS YOU CAN. If you have to use bleach, use ONLY ONE TEASPOON TO A GALLON OF WATER, and this will kill every pathogen that could be on and in cage and all. Rinse it very well because bleach leaves a film, so use a sponge to make sure everything is rinsed clean, towel or air dry outside before putting bird back into it after the vet visit.


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