Sharing a nest.

by Dawn Conrad

Have you ever heard of three green cheek conures sharing the same nest? My sister fell in love with my Green cheek conure and got two of her own. Then ended up giving them to me. I thought I had taken as much care as i could to give them no nesting sites as i had seen all three of them taking turns mating. Some times all three of them sitting with their rears pressed together at the top of my cages.

Turned out while i was away for three weeks and my mother was caring for them they found a way to get down the less then one inch gap between the wall and the dresser their sleep cage was on. She was afraid to move the dresser incase she squashed one o the birds and she cant bend over long enough to coax them out. And since the rest of the room is bird proof she shut the door and let them say in there cleaning the cage and messes and feeding them.

When i got back i pulled the drawers out and found Tiki and Hotrod,who is apparently a girl, sitting together on one egg each and petri flying at my arms to drive me away. Since then i've noticed Hot rod have the big messy poop that i have read indicated another egg then said egg under the dresser one day and tiki do it the next. We have a total of 5 eggs now and i cant tell whos is whos as when no one is sitting on them they are all in one pile.

I was wondering if anyone else had heard of Conures sharing a nest like this before or if my birds are just strange. Also would it be safe for me to move the eggs and birds to a nest box or would it be safer to leave them under the dresser till they abandon them or they hatch?