sheila - agressive Quaker problem

by sheila

We purchase a quaker parrot about 3 weeks ago. she is 6. she did very well with ladies of the house on our shoulder non aggressive except around her feed. then about 2 days ago she is being very aggressive to all of us biting, screaming.

sitting on floor of cage head bobbing up and down with feathers fluffed. she is lifting her wings not flapping almost like she has a palsy. We are very concerned as are new to parrots. she has been treated very kindly and I followed you advice on being firm and saying no when biting and also time outs but to no avail. any info would be appreciated. thanks

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Apr 06, 2008
Agressive Quaker
by: Tracie

I am sorry I was delayed in answering this.

It sounds like the honeymoon stage is over and your little "2 year old" is throwing tantrums and seeing how far she can push the limits.

Do read our articles under the Parrot Training button on the left. Even the Parrot Screaming article might help you watch and determine how to overcome behavior problems.

It could even be that something changed in the house or someone is wearing something new and scary. When my husband puts on his hat to go outside our birds go nuts. Once my daughter washed her hair with a strong smelling shampoo and the birds acted like she was enemy number one.

Our birds are aggressive in their cage and with anything they think is theirs. We can't even put food in the cage without being attacked violently. But outside the cage they are fine, unless in a bad mood. If their body language says "Don't mess with me" we don't. LOL

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