She's acting strange

by Angela
(Strongsville, Ohio, U.S.A.)

My African grey is acting very strange, because in the morning she was her regular self then when my grandparents came first she wouldn't come out from under the cage, then she wouldn't come out from her cage. Then after my grandparents left she went back under a cage and stayed on a small peice of cloth under there for almost an hour. Does she want to lay an egg or something?

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Jul 07, 2009
Grey Acting Strange
by: Linda

To rule out possible infection or some other physical problem, you will need to take her into your Avian Vet unless she has been there recently. Once you have either ruled in infection or ruled it out, then you can look at other possible problems. Birds are shy around strangers, and if she has not seen your Grandparents much, she may be shy.

Since I don't know your grandparents, it is difficult to say what else could be a problem with them in particular. Do one or both smoke? Smoke and birds does not go together at all, and birds will try and get away from it if possible.

First thing to do is take her to Avian vet to see if she is sick, and then you can look at other reasons she may be shying away from your grandparents.

Let us know what vet had to say and what your home environment normally is, so we can better help you later. A picture of her would be nice if you can post one.


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