short whimpers throughout the night

by bob

this is a bird we adopted from my mom the bird is 27 years old and has really bonded with my wife and i. we also have a shitzu and black lab .

now and then the bird will try to challenge the shitzu but is not bothered by the lab at all .we also nonoticed his beak on the bottom is deformed or not lined up , does he need it clipped.the bird is very happy with his large cage and eats well he likes brocolli carrots cheese crisps and peeled grapes.

getting back to our main question the whimpering something tell tale or does he need to be covered at night .he appears to be happy with us but he shares attention with the dogs . any comments appreciated. thanks bob

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Dec 06, 2011
Bird whimpering at night
by: Tracie

Dr B is not able to answer questions right now, so I will address your issues as best I can.

Since the bird only whimpers at night, I would not be concerned about illness. Please pay attention on a day you are home all day and make sure the bird is not making this noise during the day, because that would indicate illness.

It sounds as if your dogs have access to your bird. This is VERY dangerous. Your dogs may not attack the bird for years and then one day get startled or something and turn and grab the bird. Your bird will be dead from either broken bones or infection when that happens.

You said your bird eats well, but I want to make sure you know about pellets and to NOT feed your bird table food, especially cheese and foods that are salted or full of chemicals.

Please read our Switching Birds To Pellets article written by Dr B and also the other health articles on our Parrot Training page.

If your bird is in a room that is noisy and light when it is ready to sleep, it might be unhappy and is whimpering in protest that it is ready to sleep. You should consider a sleeping cage that you can put in a dark quiet room at night if your bird is in a TV room that is active until late in the evening.

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