Should I adopt an Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot?

by Sil



An aquaintance of mine has a friend who is giving his Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot away for free - cage and all! I think the bird is about 20-25 years old (photo attached).

I have no idea about his background or habits. I've never owned a parrot before but I know they require much attention and love. I am a bird lover and I am very patient. But, I am getting married in a few months and I'm not sure what to expect (noise, attention, smell, etc.).

I understand that each parrot has its own distinct personality and habits. Can anyone give me some advice on what to expect and maybe a checklist of questions I should ask the previous owner? Thanks!

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Apr 03, 2008
Should you adopt a bird?
by: Tracie

Amazon's come with a bunch of personality. Some can be very loud and get very hormonal. Join a Yahoo group like AwsomeAmazons or AmazonParrontsAndFids ( and get advice from other Amazon owners.

Joanie Doss is on those groups and she is an expert. She is also very nice and will treat you with respect.

You can also read all the Amazon stories that owners have posted at the bottom of the Amazon page. You can find the Amazon page by clicking the 3rd button from the top on the left that reads, "Parrot Profiles." Then choose Amazon and the stories are at the bottom of that page. There is also helpful information on the page you might want to read.

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