Should I buy a friend for my bird?

by Carla

Carla wrote me to tell me she purchased a Green Cheeked Conure because it picked her out unexpectedly. I told her about my GC's and how they are complete opposites, but still get along. This prompted the message below.

I am going to answer her question, but please feel free to share your experience for her and others because this is a popular question.

Hi Tracie,

Thanks for the advice, the baby is very outgoing and a little nippy, but I think he's testing He makes very interesting little noises, kind of cute, but no where near as loud as my Hahn's. His diet wasn't that good at the pet shop, so I'm changing it.

So far he's eating well and playing with all the toys he has. Should I get another GC to keep him company or just keep one? My 2 Hahn's enjoy being out together, but they each have their own cage. My 6 budgies are all together and seem fine.

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Feb 12, 2008
RE: should I buy a friend for my bird?
by: Anonymous

If u want the bird to like people better then no but if you want him to be happy with another companian then yes.

Feb 11, 2008
Getting another bird to keep Conure company
by: Tracie

Hello Carla,

That is how I ended up with two GC's! We first purchased Widget, our yellow-sided GC. She was soooo needy. She wanted to be with us and have attention all the time. We felt sorry for her and decided to purchase a buddy. ( I knew that they might not ever like each other, but we were willing to have another GC to love and cuddle with even so.)

We brought Buddy home (Notice the name? LOL) from the same breeder, but different parents. So Buddy is just a couple of weeks younger than Widget. (We are not sure Buddy is a boy and Widget is a girl, but we think so.)

Well....they absolutely hated each other! We would put them on top of the play stand and they would run at each other and attack. We tried putting them on the stand a few times every day.

We decided to put the bird who ran at the other one up as soon as they did this and then give the other bird a treat. It didn't take long before they quit running at each other. So for a few days they just ignored each other for about 10 minutes before one would get too close and the other would attack and get put up.

After several weeks of this, the time in between the attacks lessened and then one day they were preening each other. LOL They still got upset with each other, but the attacks weren't bad so we would let them settle on who was boss and keep a very close eye in case we needed to intervene.

After about a week of them getting along for the most part, we put them in a 24x22 play top cage to see what would happen. They had some arguments, but for the most part got along and even slept in the same tent. This is how it is even today. Widget is boss and poor Buddy just puts up with it. LOL You should see Widget push Buddy away with her foot when he tries to get something she has. I need to get it on video.

Anyway, that is my story. The moral of the story is....

Make sure YOU want the other bird, because they may never like each other. But if you will take the time and pay close attention to them when you put them together, they may just become best friends. ( Make sure the play area is big enough for them to play separately and make sure they don't have to share a food or water dish when you are trying to get them to like each other.)

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