Should I encourage my budgie to masturbate?

I don't think that my budgie has been feeling happy for the last 8 years. I got him as a baby, played with him a little bit. However, now that I look back, I think that my attempts to play with him actually scared him. Then, I forgot about him. However, we got him this toy mirror. At first he was right up on the ladder and warbled to the mirror. Now, he just stares at it. He spends all day staring at the mirror, and sometimes going up on the ladder and pecking the mirror aggressively.

He barely chirps, but he doesn't pull his feathers. I sometimes see his head lean against a toy we put on his perch, and I assume that this is an indication of boredom.

I have tried to keep him occupied; I bought him a spiral toy that has stuff and keys on it, and I clip a piece of paper against his cage (he bites portions of the paper off). I have also attached a white string to the bar of the outside of the cage, since I heard that budgies like chewing. He plays with the paper sometimes, but not anything else.

I have also tried taming him. Whenever I talk to him, he comes near. Sometimes, I feed him food. Whenever he is out of the cage though, he only accepts food from me and only bites a piece of paper that is not short (meaning that he only bites a piece of paper that provides distance between my hand and him). I
also put him in the same room as me (I put him and his cage on the ground, but I believe that the rewards outweigh the cons of putting him on the ground)

I let him out sometimes, but he isn't interested in coming out. He stays in his cage.

I know that I need to take the taming slowly, especially knowing the fact that he's an adult and I screwed up the opportunity to actually make life fun for him as a baby. However, since I have to go to school for 6 hours a day, and he doesn't play with his toys, I can't wonder how he can't be bored. In fact, (as mentioned before) he leans his head against his toy.

I already know that buying another budgie is the best option, but I can't. The reason is because I would have to get a bigger cage (if I had a second budgie), and there would be transportation problems when I go on vacation (the cage would be too big to fit in the car, along with our luggage).

Recently, I have seen youtube videos of budgies masturbating. So I wonder this: Do budgies enjoy masturbation? If so, should I introduce my bird to masturbation? I have never seen him show anything sexual, and maybe he needs a sex life (its a natural part of animals). Maybe that will make my bird happy. It's entertaining, and it could be the solution to help my bird.

Also, if you have any other ideas to keep my budgie occupied, please post them!

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Jun 22, 2011
how to encourage ur budgie
by: Kelly Jhones

try spend more time with him move around the objects in his home /cage for example say he/she had a ladder on the left hand side change it to the left if u get whatbi mean ill try think of more edvice .[p.s. bless him resting his head agaist toys give him a smal teddy wich he could lift up and put it in his cage :]

Apr 16, 2011
Help bored bird
by: The Avian Vet

Masturbation is not something you can teach a bird. I suggest getting him a larger cage even without another bird. He would play more with more space. Besides, he is likely not to accept another bird in his cage. He needs a larger cage anyway. Give him more mirrors. Give him foraging toys and teach him to forage for all of his food. That is the best way to counteract boredom.

Dr B

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