Should I get a Green Cheek? plus small story.

by Masako

I am 13 and have had birds science I was 8. I had 2 lovebirds that I shared with my sister.Their names were sunny and petal I remember that sunny was yellow and red and petal was green Dutch blue. I was stupid and forgot that the new cage I bought made the door stay open and they flew away. I got 2 more lovebirds that were almost identical named blaze and petal J.R. petal and PJ were both mine. I would hang them in my back yard everyday I event to school. I was about 9 or 10 by day I came home and my mom said blaze was gone. She was sitting in a room where she could see the birds a d saw PJ open the cage door for blaze but couldn't get out himself.That's when I became a bird person. Petal was mostly green but pied with a blue tail. He was missing a nail and had one gray foot and one pink foot. I moved petal JR into my room where he lived for basically the rest of his life. W hen I was 11 he laid eggs.....XD he was a girl. PJ and I had a special whistle. I would whistle when I got home from school and she would always respond. Petal had major biting problems but I didn't mind, sure it made me upset but I loved her. I event to New York to see family in the year 2012 during summer I was 12. I got a call from my mom. My bird hadn't been outside in three years so my mom brought her outside outside and she got out I was soooooooo mad at my mom. I cried for a long time and I still do. She felt bad so she brought me to petsmart to pick out a parakeet. I saw a little green bird with a really short tail for a parakeet. I fell in love and named him chibi the Japanese word for short. He will sit on my finger ad sometimes let me pet him.(or her)he's still too young to tell the gender. I think he's a boy. He does nibble and I let him out of his cage every day I keep him in a small cave because at night he will freak out and fall to the bottom of his cage I often see blood.... so that's why I'm afraid to move him into a tall cage. I have had him for all.most a year

Anyway the thing is I've fallen in love with green cheek conures and want one sooooo bad but I wonder if Chibi will be okay with it. Or if th he conure will hurt him...:( plz tell me.....

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Jul 01, 2013
Should I get a Green Cheek? plus small story.
by: Linda

As the previous writer said, you cannot cage a conure and a budgie because the larger will hurt the smaller. Also, instead of putting the budgie in a "cave" just use a lightweight cover at night. Leave a couple of inches open at the bottom for air circulation. This will work very well for night terrors. Also make sure cage is in a safe place where animals or people are not roaming around all night. Sudden sounds or sights scare all birds and cause them to thrash in bottom of cage usually hurting themselves.

My other suggestion is that you learn all you can about the conures before getting one. They can be very loud which has to be taken into consideration. Learn about conure behavior and what they need to be healthy and happy. Also make sure all new birds are examined by an Avian Vet during the first few days you have them. Yearly exams are recommended to keep birds healthy.Birds are not toys, so it is not okay to get them and then have something happen to them because you have not done your study and understand how to house them and keep them safe.Birds who fly away usually are killed by predators or disease and die in fear and much pain, so be more careful about the next birds you have.


Jul 01, 2013
Should I get a Green Cheek? plus small story.
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi there, Green Cheek Conures are great little birds with big personalities. I'm almost sure that you'd be very happy with one of those.
I've a Green Cheek Cinnamon Conure named Emma and I can tell you that she's the most loving bird that I've ever taken care off and I have ever owned; she's a real sweetheart! I grew up having birds at home and have helped my mom care for them since I was very young and I am now 58 years old.
I would like you to know beforehand that Conures are very intelligent little birds that need lots of attention, EVERY SINGLE DAY. My little Emma preens the hair on my head and my eyebrows. At this moment while I'm typing she's standing on my shoulder, preening my hair.
To make sure you get a bird that would "love you" go to a big pet store and look at the birds in their cages and if a bird choose you; you're lucky. When I say a bird choose you I mean if a bird loves you, he/she would walk to the side of the cage, nearer to where you're standing or stooping and would bend its head as if to say please touch me or take me with you; I love you. Those are the birds that will make you very happy and he/she would be very happy with you too; they will love you until death.
At the pet store you can ask the manager or one of the workers if you can hold the bird, if you can, caress him/her, scratch its head and see what happens. I'm telling you this from my experiences and how my "Emma had chosen me".
Conures love to eat everything that is good for them and they love to swim and bathe more than anything else. They love if you hold them and sing and dance; they love all interactions with you. They are extremely loving, intelligent and adorable little birds and you won't be sorry if you shall choose a Conure or better yet if a Conure should choose you; it would be the love of your life! Good luck and God bless.

Jul 01, 2013
Should I get a green cheek
by: Angela

You can very well get a green cheek conure but you cannot cage it with the parakeet. It must have it's own cage, preferably a tall one as conures are very active and love to play, so you have to make sure he has plenty of room. Also, if you take the cages outside you should put padlocks on the doors. Birds are very smart and will eventually figure out how to open the cage doors and fly away. My birds' cage has a lot of doors that slide up and down. I don't use those doors so I put zip ties on them and trimmed off the excess. I use a lock and key on the main door. She figured out quickly how to open the door and I don't want to take a chance of her opening the cage when I'm not home or when I'm asleep.

If you bring the birds outside, make sure they are not in direct sunlight and that they can't get out of their cages because you will lose them.

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