should i get my son this this type of bird?

by Dominica
(Brisbane, Queensland,Queensland)

my son would like a green cheek conour for his birthday. Im not worried about the price but im just wondering if ,as he would be a first time bird owner, whether it would be to much for him. Has has had a couple of dogs before which he has tacken good care of and i think he is fairly responsable and he plays with his dogs allot im sure that he would try and train and teach the bird putting allot of time into it and playing with it allot.

But would a different type of bird be better? he would like one that he could teach some tricks and would be cuddly and very friendly.

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Aug 22, 2011
Should you get a pet bird?
by: Tracie

Thanks for writing and checking into this. :-)

1) The bird will live for 10 - 20 years most likely. Who will take care of the bird for all those years?

2) All the people in the house will need to be willing to put up with the mess the bird makes and the noise the bird makes. A few conures are quiet birds, but even our green cheeked conures made so much LOUD noise that we could hear them at the other end of our long farm house with 3 sets of doors shut in between.

3)Is your son willing to accept that even though he feeds and cares for the bird, that the bird may choose another family member as the favored person?

4)Does your family have the money for avian vet bills and healthy food like Harrison's or Roudybush to feed the bird? The bird should eat about 80% pellets and only 20% healthy treats.

5)Do you have the money to provide a variety of toys every month for the bird to chew and destroy?

Please read some of the stories at the bottom of our Conure information page to get an idea about what it is like to live with these wonderful creatures.

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