should i put my parrot in the AC

by Akshita sood

i have a alexzandrine indian parakeet

it s really hot here where i live it is 43 degrees here so i put the AC and put my parrot in the AC with me so is the AC harmful for him ?

please tell me should i let him stay in the AC or leave him outside

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Jul 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

We average 46c throughout summer so it isn't uncommon for us or my birds.

You can keep him in an AC house at a reasonable temp if you want to. Don't over do it though & keep him in the AC room or house continually. Birds are surprisingly adaptable to temps & weather. If they weren't I guess all our native parrots & cockatoos would never survive our summers :)

And he will be ok outside in that temp if you take the right steps. My birds have a retic hooked up to their outside cages. In summer it's turned on every day to cool them down. Or you can hose him on a gentle spray daily. My cages are also in a position where they have shade & sunlight all day, no matter where the sun is positioned. So if they want, they can lap up some sun & if they need shade they have it.

We fill larger bowls with water, freeze them & place the smaller water & food bowls inside them. This keeps their water & food fresh & cool.

You can also place a soaked a towel or blanket over 1/2 of the cage to keep it cooler. Make ice cube trays of frozen food to give them on hot days...

Jul 03, 2012
should i put my parrot in the AC
by: Linda

Keep your home no cooler than around 76 degrees Farenheit and keep bird away from any ceiling or floor vents because these cause drafts which cause pneumonia.

Keeping temperatures moderate will be safe. If you keep house too cold, your bird will get sick, so 76 degrees F is what we keep ours all summer, and it is fine. Our birds are in a room with vents completely closed to avoid any drafts and just keeping bird away from vents will work okay.


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