Should I throw this bird cage out?

by Christina

Hello, how are you going? :-) My name is Christina and I live in Australia. Last year when one of my pigeons had coccidiosis I bought a good bird cage to take him to the avian vet in. Unfortunately he died at the vet :-( The vet said he did everything he could and that the pigeon had a 50/50 chance but he didn't make it. It was one of the wild pigeons who used to visit our yard every day. Should I throw out the birdcage that I took him to the vet in, or if I clean it and wash it and disinfect it will it be okay to keep in the shed for any emergency trips to the avian vet if I ever need to do so again? It has just been sitting in the shed since last year, I haven't washed it yet. Would it be better if I just throw it out and buy a new cage, just to be 100% safe?

Thanks heaps for your time, I really appreciate it a lot :-) Kind Regards, from Christina :-)

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Jan 14, 2011
Disinfecting bird cage
by: The Avian Vet

It can be successfully disinfected with bleach. Be sure to rinse well afterwards. Use a 10% solution. Let it dry outside in the sun. Wash with soap and water before disinfecting, rinse then disinfect, then rinse again.

Dr B

Jan 11, 2011
Should I throw this bird cage out?
by: Linda

GooDay! Christina, it is Linda here and wish I was where you are to get warm for a bit! It is snowing here, and am tired of being locked in house.

Tracie carries a bird safe cleaner on this site called Pet Focus, and it comes with water already added and also in a more economical concentrate form. Mix and use according to directions and let the cage dry in the sun in an area free from bird contamination. Bleach is dangerous plus is it caustic on metal, so will damage your cage possibly making it unusable. Always use safe bird cleaners. The Pet Focus can be used all over your home to clean in the kitchen, bath, floors, walls, and can be used to clean bird toys and perches and cages. Birds need to be removed when spraying it, and it is okay to use if put on a cloth in another room for quick wipedowns. (Not sure you can find this in Australia)

I'm sorry you lost your precious bird, and my heart goes out to you. I had little Nigerian Dwarf goats one of which kept having chronic outbreaks of the Cocc. I had to place them in another home because it lives in the soil and reinfection is possible with any animal or bird coming into contact with contaminated soil. Our goat pen was just too small and to move everything elsewhere was too costly, so the little goats went to new home, and were fine.

It is good to talk with you again, and I send my best wishes to you!


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