Should I use a food wash?

by Kel
(Adelaide, Australia)

I have come across a Food Wash & Preservative that is all natural, organic and plant based and was wondering if it is safe to use for fruit and veg intended for my conure. As far as I can tell from all the information on the site it seems safe, but I wanted to check and see if anyone else uses a fruit and veg wash for their bird's food and if they have noticed any reactions to it or any benefits from using it.
Hope someone can help me out. Thanks

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Oct 17, 2013
organic and or food wash
by: Anonymous

I couldn't have said this any better, way to go.I agree with everything you said here. my birds do not eat harrisions or the other mentioned. i feed them veggies from produce, fruit from produce, and a entirly different brand of seed, fruit and veggie mixture i purchase from a lady who has a parrot store. my parrots are in excellent condition, plus they are seen by a avian vet.
key words, wash everything throughly, know what they can and can not have, see a avian vet when you can.and give them lots of love and attention!

Oct 15, 2013
by: Kel

I appreciate that you took the time to write, however I find myself annoyed by the extremely preachy and condescending tone of the responses, except for Angela.
All I asked for was some simple advice about one thing. I did not request a lecture on organic fruit and vegetables, nor did I need to be told that I am practically killing my bird if I don't feed it organic.
For your information, as apparently you are unaware of this, some people can't afford to always buy organic, but guess what??? they still love and care for their birds and do their best by them. Also since I didn't even mention organic fruit and vegetables, but you decided to lecture me on them, I'd like to let you know that I did over 18 months of research on EVERY thing bird related before I purchased my bird, including the benefits of organic fruit and vegetables. I try to buy organic where I can, but it is not always available, nor does it always fit into my budget, especially since I am on a disability pension, but I do manage to take very good care of my bird.
As for the little rant about Zupreem etc, obviously you couldn't see from up there on your high horse that I'm from Australia, they don't sell Zupreem over here. Also, do you get commission from Harrisons for each time you promote their product?? I use Harrisons already, but just in case you don't know this birds need fruit and vegetables as part of their diet even if they are on an organic pellet mix.
Also you must think I am incredibly stupid since you felt it necessary to inform me that sick birds should be taken to an Avian Vet.
Next time before you start dispensing your brand of "wisdom" have a think about whether anything you plan to say is actually relevant to the question asked, or if you're just writing it to make yourself feel good about how knowledgeable you think you are.
On the other hand, thanks Angela for your simple, straightforward, no bull advice that directly answered the question asked and even suggested an alternative.

Oct 15, 2013
Should I use a food wash?
by: Linda

If you are using grocery store fruit and veggies, you will need to find a Certified Organic store for your bird's fruit and veggies. What is on the outside of fruit and veggies is only part of the story. What is on the inside is a much worse problem. The bug sprays and fertilizers the factory farms use is deadly to humans, animals and birds. The chemicals soak through the skins of fruit and veggies and become part of the meat. The only way to feed safe food to your bird is by using certified organic and this includes any dry feed bird is eating. Harrisons pellets are the best organic food on the market for birds and all ingredients are certified organic. It takes time to change birds over from seeds or junk pellets, i.e. ZuPreem, Lafaebers and anything that contains sugars, dyes and preservatives. Below is link on how to go about changing from seeds, junk pellets to Harrisons and it was written by an Avian Vet. Once you get your bird onto the Harrisons, you will not need to feed fruit, veggies and especially vitamins because it's all inside the bag. The only veggies Harrisons recommends are the deep yellow, orange and green ones, and these have to be certified organic. Organic farmers do not use harsh chemicals to grow and protect their crops. They use natural products to make the plants strong which makes them less vulnerable to pests. Nasty fertilizers that are used by the factory farms are not used by organic farmers who use natural products. They never use manure because this causes salmonella poisoning from fruit and/or veggies being grown in it. It, too, is very nasty and can be life threatening especially for birds, babies and small children. Humans can also get this poisoning from eating foods fertilized with manure. Nasty is the key word here.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

It is recommended your birds be checked by an Avian Vet ONLY before beginning any dietary changes to make sure there are no low level infections working on your bird. Sick birds need immediate treatment and infections can be in bird without showing any signs until it is more advanced.

Thanks for writing,

Oct 15, 2013
food wash
by: Alex

DO NOT use anything on the food. Just because it is organic and states it is safe, does not mean it is safe.

Some pets stores will sell "safe" meds which actually make birds ill and even kill.

It is just a money making scheme with them,and they do not care what happens to the birds.

Don't waste your money.

Never use anything on the food. The food should just be organic without anything added.

Oct 15, 2013
Food wash
by: Angela

There really is no need to use a special food wash for fruit and veg for your bird. Washing in plain water is sufficient. Also, peeling the fruit is a good idea as well.

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