Should you cover your parrots cage at night for it to sleep?

by Vicki C Thomas
(Scottsmoor, FL)



Should you cover your parrots cage at night for it to be able to sleep. I get conflicting responses from everyone in my area and especially from local breeders and pet stores .

I thought that it would be best so that the bird would feel secluded and secure even more and it would get a better nights sleep.
It has been a couple of years since I have had a bird and so much more information sometimes too much is available.

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Apr 04, 2018
Cover your bird
by: Dr. J. B. Elliott

All wild birds take cover at night. They secure themselves from preditors and seek quiet, covered places. Any bird owner should mimic the habitat of the wild. Routine is alway best. Most birds need 10 to 12 hours of sleep. So put them in a quiet, secure place that is farily dark at night, and cover them with a light-weightt sheet that takes the place of a tree or bush; they need security. Birds getting proper rest and diet, have less behavior issues. It's only common sense.

On another note, a shower or bath is oftentimes overlooked by a bird owner. Spaying or misting your bird every other day, produces excellent results. You will see a difference in their plume and overall disposition. Your bird will spend hours preening after a mist, which is good exercise and strengthens and keeps them occupied. It's the single most important thing you can do for your bird, aside from good diet and fresh water. All it takes is a spray bottle.

Dr. J. B. Elliott

Sep 23, 2016
African grey parrot
by: Shane

Yes it should be covered at night with towel over the cage in a quiet room away from noise

Jul 02, 2015
To cover my Parrott or not.
by: Anonymous

I cover my Parrott contour but he make noise even though he knows its night night time but won't stop till its tired. So should I cover its cage and have him go to bed when I do when lights are out please help.

Dec 04, 2010
Covering a bird at night
by: Edana

I agree that it depends on your bird. I have a 1 yr old Sun Conure that doesn't mind either way. She does not play around or any of that at night. She also does not make a sound (whether covered or not) in the morning until she sees me. She climbs in her Bird Snuggie and stays there. The Snuggie provides the comfort and seclusion she needs. It mimics a nest in the wild, which is where birds would normally sleep. There are several types on the market. It has been the best investment I have made so far.

Jan 01, 2010
About night, night covering
by: Anonymous

Miss Elmo has also been boarded. At the bird store I doubt they covered her cage. I know I didn't take a cover in with her. They don't cover their birds at night. But I imagine she just settled right in and did as the other birds did. :o) And covering her to keep her quiet doesn't work. lol If I have her night night cage in our bedroom I will hear her move around at night, eat, drink and yes, even play with her favorite bell toy for a bit. I have to remind her it is 'night, night'. And when she is ready to get up in the morning...if I'm not already up.. I hear "Out". You will find out what works for your bird. I think Quakers like to be covered as their nests consist of 3 rooms and the bedroom / nursery is to the back so it is more than likely darker and more sheltered feeling than the typical open bird nest. :o) JMHO

Jan 01, 2010
Should you cover a bird's cage?
by: The Vet

I do not cover my birds and do not recommend it to my clients. The only reason to cover them at night is to control when you put them to bed and when to wake them in the morning. Usually a covered bird will be quiet until uncovered, so if sleeping in is important to you and covering them keeps them quiet in the morning, then you may opt to cover them.

Dr B

Jan 01, 2010
Covering bird at night
by: Anonymous

Miss Elmo absolutely insists on being covered for 'Night, Night'. Of course we started out covering her so she is used to it. But if every single corner and edge of her cage isn't covered she will let you know! You will hear, "Night, night" or "Night, night, night" or "Night, night, night nightnight'!" with attitude until you get it covered to her liking. lol She has quite the personality. When we full timed in our 5th wheel trailer I would often have to double cover her if the lights were still on. Then take the extra cover off when I turned off the lights and went to bed.

Jan 01, 2010
Covering a bird's cage
by: Tracie

Dr B will answer this within a few days. I think it really depends on your bird, not a person's opinion.

I have had some birds that do better being covered, some that do best in a sleep cage in a dark room away from family activity at night and some that do best being left alone to decide if they want to stay up or go in their bird tent and sleep when they want.

The bigger birds are often so relational with humans, that they have to be put in a sleep cage in another room away from night time activity or they will end up with all kinds of problems. Some get hormonal and hard to deal with, some get weak immune systems and I know of one bird that stopped plucking as soon as it was put in a sleep cage at night.

Okay, now I have added to all you other opinions and you can throw mine out too. LOL It won't hurt my feelings. Dr B will answer soon I hope. He not only has an active practice, but also teaches, goes to continuing education seminars and has a life to live, so sometimes he is not so quick to answer.

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